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Guaranteed Yield Land Investment Opportunity

This is a rare opportunity to purchase land in quality land estates by national developer LWP and receive a return from day 1.

No need to build as LWP will lease the lot for a minimum of 2 years* to use as carpark within their builder display villages.

LWP will even pay the rent 12 months in advance.

All lots have been independently valued by Burgess Rawson so you have peace of mind the value is not inflated by the lease and is current market value**.

Being located within builder display village the lots are surrounded by the latest in housing quality and design.

Once the lease is finished LWP will return the lot back to its original condition and any fencing and landscaping incentives will also be retained.

The estates and lots are all in great locations in Perth.

Prices start from $120,000. Rent in advance from $9600 pa.

Contact us here for more detail or via email admin@progressdevelopments.com.au [1]


* Leases have option provisions that may see the term extended.
** based on current market conditions and valuation and conditions may change.