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Our Point Of Difference

Progress Invest is part of the Progress Group. An Australian based private property development business boasting a team of highly experienced professional property developers.

Progress Group develops and manages a portfolio of successful residential land developments, and continue to build a portfolio with exciting investment opportunities.

The point of difference in our business lies in the depth of our knowledge and understanding of property markets. The Progress team has broad expertise in industry research and analysis, property acquisition and management, planning, construction and investment finance. Whether we’re working on a new residential estate, a prestige apartment development or a commercial project, we demonstrate a commitment to quality and excellence.

Backed by strong capabilities and a proven track record in providing leading edge property solutions, we continually strive for development excellence, identifying and maximising opportunities across a spectrum of the property market in order to deliver real growth and compelling outcomes for investors.

What does that mean for you?

We deliver value and quality based on our expertise.

At Progress Invest we will openly share our knowledge and give you help in property investment.

We have an end to end solutions that can provide you with excellent property investment opportunities.

Here’s how we offer to help you.

  1. Get to understand what you are hoping to achieve with your property investment strategy and outline how we can help.
  2. Provide you, based on your own personal situation, how property investment can work for you. We have been around long enough to know that everyone’s situation is different so we’ll tailor it to you specifically.
  3. Assist you in seeking finance assistance to ensure that any investment decisions are well within your financial capability.
  4. Identify a range of options for you to decide on what to invest in.

To take advantage of this assistance from one of our investment experts do not hesitate to get in touch.